SPCA Leander

17 Apr

…a big thank you and shout out to the amazing and friendly staff at SPCA Leander, where I have recently done some volunteer work. If you are looking for a cat or dog to love in the Austin area, please do check them out:


Happily Sober

17 Apr

There is a light at the end of the tunnel after all. Thanks so much to my families, and to my friends in recovery for providing much needed support after the darkness of my divorce and Billy’s passing. Thank you to you dom, to countless but not forgotten others and to Lewis who has been with me through the worst of it, and back into the best. Thanks to you, and thanks to YOU. Much more soon, I hope.

Peace and love to all xxxxx

James (Smiling and laughing again) πŸ™‚

Hello Out There

24 Sep

Well it has been way way too long and I’m very sorry I’ve been so quiet in recent months. My beloved cat Billy died at the beginning of the year, aged 20, and if that wasn’t grief enough I’ve just finished going through a horrible divorce where the person I have loved uncondionally for the past 22 years, quite suddenly served me papers, and I am heattbroken and quite alone.

Hope that fills you in a little. There has been so much else but none of it good. To expand on Morrissey’s new single “Spent The Day In Bed”, well I’ve sadly spent much of the year in bed it has been so crushing to me.

I hope your years are going better. Peace and love to all,

James xxxxx

Absolutely Disgusting

3 Jun


It Is Happening Again…

21 May

So sorry I’ve been absent from this site for so long – lots to update about, and will get to that next week. Thank you so much for your continued support of the site – despite a lack of posts or news I thank you all sincerely for continuing to visit… More on that next week.
Don’t forget to watch Twin Peaks tonight at 8pm on Showtime (or at 2 am in the UK, simulcast with the US). Its only been 25 years in the making. Luckily it hasnt taken me quite that long between posts 

Peace and love to all, and I will be updating you very soon.
James xxxxx

What You Got

8 Nov

Please Please Please……

1 Nov

Vote Hillary.

November Spawned A Monster

1 Nov

Happy November Everyone xxx


Press Interview

1 Nov

It’s Finally Here:



Straight To You/Where The Wild Roses Grow

1 Nov

For the other other other James (King) xxxxxx