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Coming Soon…

30 Sep

James Lushey – Fundamental Crises Of Existence

Physical CD, Deluxe CD/DVD and Signed Copies.



(Album graphics subject to change)


Watch this space…….


James Lushey 9/3/2016 and 9/29/2016


PS – Peace And Love to All xxxxxxxx

Texas/Lisa/Part Time Punk

29 Sep



Just In Case I Die In The Morning xxxxxx

21 Sep

Peace and love to all – and I’m not dead yet 🙂


The Daily Warons

18 Sep

PS – I’m just for peace…

Meat Is Murder

18 Sep

Again, time for a laugh xxxxx

18 Sep

My Niece “Millie’s Event” In UK

15 Sep

Please donate even if you can’t be there. Peace and love to all – (Uncle) James xxxxx