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Time Is Running Out….

29 Aug

Vote Billary, Humans, Or It Just Might Be To Late To… Um… Uh… Oh Nevermind…

Side note – The Billary thing was actually coined by SPM, not myself, was a joke, and truth be known I just think it’s clever wordplay. I absolutely think Hillary has the know-how, the experience, and the credentials to run this country proudly alone, and I sincerely hope everyone votes her into a position to do so. Peace and love to all, JL xxxxxxxxx

My Friend And Sometime(s) Band Member Mr. Joe Carlo

27 Aug


…with Joe – somewhere in London April ’16 (Hope Gemma and Ruby Rose don’t mind me using this shot xxx):



“Fuck You” – Lily Allen

27 Aug

To certain people I will never care to know (and thankfully I’ve not personally come across many for ages):





27 Aug

Amusing Tom Waits Track From “Mule Variations”

22 Aug


21 Aug

… and if we don’t – let’s hope some Karma doesn’t bite us all in the universal ass – VOTE HILLARY people!!!!!!


Give Peace A Chance

20 Aug

If we don’t, it’s our friends, spouses, children, grand-children, and possibly even the entire planet that we’re losing.


And for what?


Fucking difference? Je ne comprende pas.


Just try and be nice, people. It’s not even that difficult. WHAT’S SO FUCKING HARD ABOUT BEING NICE?!?!?!!?!? – completely baffled.


(Well secretly I do know, but that’s for another time, another place, and possibly for another planet and universe entirely. You always kill the good one’s, folks.)


Peace and love to ALL xxxxxxxxxxxx


JL 8/20/2016


Let Everyone Be Themselves So Long As It Doesn’t Hurt Others

20 Aug

(I shouldn’t have to be translating English to English or deciphering Morrissey songs for the causal listener, but in this one case, I will xxx)

Where 3000 Met Weezy

20 Aug

World War 1 (1914-1918)

20 Aug

(For Those too young to know) –  World War 1 actually halted for a bit on Christmas day – look it up…

Peace across the globe is still possible…..