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More surgery…

24 May

Howdy everyone – so if he unexpained silence since the last post was confusing I’ve had to have some surgery on my foot, so it’s been pain pills and taking it easy (and doing a lot of sleeping) recently. Seeing Doctor again Friday so hopefully I will get stitches out and start to move around a little more. Hope everyone is well out there in the land of the unmaimed. Lots of love to all, James xxxxx13254355_10204864760853717_3534818056887226134_n

How to catch a feeling… and when to let it go….

2 May

Sir Obama xxxxxxxxx

1 May

2016 (Start from beginning – but the Comedy Central stand-up after Obama sadly bombed 😦 – his TV show is good tho )


…and my other favorite  press conference Obama stand-up (yes Trump was there, and is truly roasted – skip to 25 mins in but watch whole thing):



Long may you live, Sir, and thank you for all you’ve done, even for those who have no fucking idea!!!!!     xxxxxxx



More Misconceptions – The Last Flight

1 May

Had a few comments thru email about “The Last Flight”, especially the lines


“Come so far to nowhere” and the line “made it with nobody” –


Want to quantify – don’t assume that the copywright date was the year I wrote any of these songs… In this case,  it was actually written back in 1994, during an intense culture shock period, and during my first 9 months of being completely by myself (human-wise) after x amount of  serial monogamy.

Also know – most songs with any lyrical potency are written about multiple events/experiences/time-frames, and so… remember this next time you think you have any idea how to analyse a song whatsoever 🙂

Short of an interview I will not be quantifying my lyrics again, so email myself or webmaster. This is my last comment on the subject of where art meets real life and how.


Peace and love to all,


James xxxxx


PS – Song can be found on “demos” page.