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I Is Back

26 Sep

Hello All,

Did you miss me? (resounding empty echo fills the vast void…)

Apologies for what can only be described as being a “sheer” neglect for this site – pun intended, read on –  but I have been busily exploring political office in a professional capacity, in a collaborative effort playing three to fifteen strands (depending on my diet the week before) of Donald Trump’s “hair”. Look closely at that first debate and you might just spot me in the very foremost row – 175 strands from the right of his fashionable hairpiece – as far from the right as I could get as it turns out.

Thankfully we have come to a mutual dissolution of contract since:

#1 I was initially fully on board with the notion of all immigrants being rapists and drug dealers until I suddenly remembered I was an immigrant myself – bummer.

and #2 they realized they had toupee me.

In all seriousness, I’ve just been very busy, and on top of that I had my phone stolen during a trip to New Orleans, which happened to have a 2-step authentication code generating program on it, that downloading onto a new device could not fix, and this prevented me from logging into this site until I eventually found my back-up codes. Security these days is either a butterfly net holding a microbe or it’s Alcatraz.

Worse still I don’t have anything for you just yet, material-wise, even after this long wait, but I HAVE laid down the foundations of some completely new material that I will release in due course. I have also unearthed some video footage that I might sprinkle around quite soon.

In the meantime I hope everyone is well, and I promise something will be appearing quite soon, if not my own televised appearance as those few strands of hair during the inauguration speech of our one and only future President Mr Donald Trump.

Much love and peace to all,

James xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx