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Clarification – “Suicide Song”

18 Jun

So there’s some debate…

Absolutely written at 15 – song, chord structure, baking, lyrics,  Joe, James and Jo would testify I’m sure – we played/sung it often enough…

Rewrite? – Yes, just one… the “took 50 pills” verse was written many years later, in Austin, TX, the rest of the song hasn’t changed a single word from ’89.

Much love and pieces of 9″ to all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


“Blackoutland” Demo

11 Jun

Well I’ve put it up and pulled it down again in a few places, this time it is here to stay – started writing it in the early 2000s I think (can’t be much later since I’ve not been back to New Orleans but once since the tragedy that was Katrina.) I’ve recorded various versions of it over time, but somehow this rough demo is my favorite pending a complete re-record.

Recorded on my beloved Roland VS-880 EX, just Gibson Les Paul, vocal tracks and “vocal” percussion (have one floating around with programmed drums but I guess this one is closest to my heart).

Many thanks to Stuart for putting it up on the eve of returning to one of my favorite cities – quite fitting.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

James xxxxxxxxxxx