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Swallow On My Neck

30 May

Well yes you did, deep and true.

And sure enough, everyone knew.

Happy 20th xxxxx

New Material – Update

27 May

Hello All,

Once again I can’t thank you enough for maintaining interest in this site when I have put very little new material up recently.

Due to a whole series of unfortunate and disconnected events that befell me in late April and Early May, my recording schedule has been pushed back a good month, and I will not be releasing any new music to the site now until late June, pending a minor miracle.

Do keep watch, however, as I will try and keep some interest going by sticking up a few little tidbits here and there in the meantime.

Just when the boat is sailing full steam ahead it comes face to face with an iceberg. Oh well, can’t be helped.

Thanks for your continued patience,

Much Love,

James xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Old (New) Songs Finally Have A Home

6 May

Well it is with pleasure I announce we have those other three track from circa 1994 on the site. Sorry for the sound quality – they were recorded onto a 4 track cassette deck, with 7 or 8 parts, so haven’t weathered as well as they might have. Also sorry for the length – the cliché is people complain things just aren’t long enough, but in this case, we only had the 4 tracks when we recorded and as a live band had a set to fill. Wound up with many many more songs and these were greatly reduced in length but I don’t personally have any of those recordings… GET IN TOUCH WITH  ME IF YOU DO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE….

And almost forgot the link:

In other news I must announce with great sorrow that “Blackoutland” has sadly missed the train this time, (at least that’s what my daily said when I got it through the mail slot in my door this morning)… but ‘Brand New’ material will be forthcoming, perhaps sooner than even I think…

Finally, a shout out to the many viewers/listeners again. In current count we are in 72 continents, 145 planets and 136,000.27 trillion parallel universes cubed (stats subject to change), so chances are even if you don’t enjoy these tracks, you do.

Am I getting too big for my boots? Perhaps. Truth is  – only one listener in this bloody universe – myself 😦 Oh well…

Much love and peace to you and yours,

James 😉 xxxxxxxxx

PS – And a huge shout out to Sir Stuart Of Earle without whom… etc  (extra kisses xxx)

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…

2 May

Hello… Well…

…Your thank you is most definitely not in the mail, but right here with my ever growing gratitude.

This message goes out to the various listeners/viewers of the site in well over 20 countries now, quite literally thousands of unique visitors, spanning five continents. (I spent half the night looking for a printout of the countries to share with you, but this will come at a later date).

As luck would have it, my webmaster is back from his holidays.

So, when he is able (likely Wed US time), please find a section of 4 new (to this site) tracks at the top of the old “demos” page.

Three of these are from 1994, with line-up of myself, Jonathan Batty (guitar & co-write), Lucy (Flute, vocals, co-write), Rachel (Cello, co-write) and Andy (conga drums, co-write) – latter three please email me so I can stick your surnames in the mix….

Also “Blackoutland” will finally appear with lyrics in some form (just me – solo write and all instruments). I’ve recorded various versions of it over the years, but my favorite current version is the one I’m putting here, it’s dirty, raw as shit, and primitive, but somehow I think it works best this way given the nature of the song.

Thank you for being patient. I hit 100 visitors in just one day a few weeks ago across three continents, and the listeners continue to grow without any real promotion – so thank you all kindly 🙂

I hadn’t checked the stats in a week and was amazed – in 4 months I have already exceeded the amount of visitors I had in 2014!!!

Much love and peace to all,

James xxxxxxx

And remember that there are none so blind as those who can not see 🙂

PS – Forthcoming, much much more too..