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19 Apr

– “If you’re looking for a deeper meaning,

I’m as deep as this high ceiling”

– Mr. Lou Reed

xxx   JL

Absence Makes The Heart Go Fondle

16 Apr

In the absence of my webmaster, and the inability to add certain tracks to the site, I am instead adding a link to take one of “Your Thank You’s In The Mail” just so people can see the progression from take one to the final version. Final take can be accessed on “New Demos” page.

Much love, and peace to all

James xxx

PS – This is not the “old chestnut” but will have to wait for webmaster in May for that. JL


16 Apr

From my compadres in East Anglia, UK – Colchester, Essex, where Blur were formed, which is just a stones throw (less than 30 minutes drive) from where I grew up.  “The Magic Whip” is available on 28th April. Finally got time to listen to the studio album and it is superb 🙂 Go Blur!!!

The Magic Whip

James xxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS – Gorillaz fans – yes that’s the same Damon Albarn.

PPS – Three videos/studio singles and a live run through are out there for public consumption. Or… Just wait until April 28th:-)

Quite Funny

11 Apr

…Thankfully I’m a vegetarian or I would be feeling guilty as shit watching this 🙂

PS – I try not to push things, but *cough*

Renewed Faith In Humankind

11 Apr

…and with an emphasis on the last syllable of that header I must say I have met some truly loving, caring, thoughtful and intelligent beings recently – you know who you are 🙂

Much love goes out to all of you – perhaps there is hope for the human race after all!!!

James xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


6 Apr

As if this week wasn’t good enough 🙂

I’ve always been true to you, friend, but you know that xxxxx

Thank You For Watching – New Material, Old Demo

1 Apr

Hi All,

I’m not ready with my new stuff, so in the meantime, releasing “one from the vaults”  – a little joint effort called “I Love You More Than This” from back in the 1990s. This was a very early version of the song but we only recorded it twice. Line up was vocals, cello, guitar, conga drums and an amazing flautist named Lucy. This recording is the first of this piece – recorded when the track had first popped out of the womb – on a 4 track console!!! overlong, since we only had 4 songs when we made our first demo, and playing live.  We wound up 20-30 songs, so could chop down significantly. Overlong, but that was before we started rolling. Here you go:

xxxxxxxxx  Update – go to “Old demo’s” page of “” to hear this track.

Peace and love to all,

And that’s Lucy on vocals as well (the flautist)

James xxxxxxxxx

4/8 – Note – Blackoutland and I Love You More Than This, as well as another old (but new to site) chestnut will be appearing on this site as soon as the webmaster is back from his hols – sorry all!!! Also have some time set aside to sort out a couple of the newer tracks I haven’t had a chance to finishing to my satisfaction yet…. Thanks for your patience 🙂