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23 May

Well #1

So sorry to hear about Ray Mankarek’s passing – Doors will always remain one of my favorite bands. Might not be you thing, but it it mine. Check out “Soft Parade” – superb stuff.

#2 – Double McCartney this week at Frank Erwin Center in Austin ,TX!!!

#3 – Have recorded vocal parts and piano to a new set of songs still coming soon… Check this space regularly…

#4 Happy 54th birthday, Moz

#5, Much love,


Blackoutland – As Promised New (Old) Song – Go Gentle, It’s old and tired.

9 May



6 May

Well, two years in the waiting comes a superb return from MGMT, who I still play to death (especially the second album), and here is “Alien Days”, extra funny since my system seems to keep doing what the video is recently. Enjoy!!!

Much love,