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New Demo Posted

27 Feb

As promised I have stuck a new demo up in the “demo” section of the website ( It’s not a new song to me, or a new recording, but it remains in my head, and I will most likely tackle re-recording it someday. At the moment I’m working on completely new material, which will soon materialize in the “New Demo” section. But for now, hope you enjoy this extremely low-fi offering, while I tinker with my new stuff. Much love, James xxx

Much News

22 Feb

#1 Thanks go out to my good friend Stuart who was able to make the site/demos compatible with I-phones and like products. Thank you Stu xxx


#2 New song being posted tomorrow – It’s a song I wrote a few years ago, but have decided not to re-record it right now as I’m working on completely new material, so forgive the shabby nature of the demo for now.


#3 Completely new set of 3 songs coming soon – have recorded piano for parts 1 and 3 this evening, and am now working on the arrangements of other instrumental parts and vocals. Part one had to be transposed in order to fit with a special guest vocalist on part 2 (already recorded) –  watch this space.