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Not Even A Smile

24 Feb

I’ve added a new bass track to this song (under the new material tab), and remixed it a bit. Hopefully you’ll notice the difference. I hope you like it, and please leave any comments, good or bad. Many thanks!!!


24 Feb

Welcome kindly visitor to my site. Some of you have already commended me about the superb graphics, which are wholly down to the excellent job my friend has done to make me look good. Thank you, Stu xxxxx

This is the place you can leave your comments, and where any news will appear until I get a mailing list together. Posts are encouraged – this is a fledgeling site, and I’d rather read an anonymous negative post than nothing at all.

Having said that, please feel free to explore, enjoy (hopefully) my demos, and leave any feedback you wish.

Much love to all,

James  xxxxxxx