Less than a week to go…

15 Sep

…..Morrissey in Austin Friday night!!!! Have not been able to see him since New Orleans for the World Peace Is None Of Your Business tour. It’s been too long :-/

Peace and love to all xxxxx


14 Sep

Less than a week to go 🙂

Happy Christmas

25 Dec

Wishing everyone a very peaceful and happy Christmas. Let’s hope 2019 is a nice one for all xxxxxxx

Adorably Good :-)

8 Dec

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

22 Nov

Wishing everyone Stateside a very happy, peaceful, and loving Thanksgiving to you and yours. Vegetarian options are available!

Peace and love to all,

James xxxxx

Tonight :-)

7 Nov


6 Nov

Please get out and vote today, my American friends. And if you’re a Republican – this night be a great day to start on those tax returns!!!

Peace and love to all,

James xxxxxxx

McCartney ACL 2018

6 Oct

Had a bloody good time with my friend Michael at the McCartney show last night. Now if Morrissey will only come play Austin again my life will be complete (again!!!)

Peace and love to all,

James xxxxx

The Lovely Bones

27 Jun

…finally got to read this impressive work of art during my recent 5 day extended stay courtesy of lamerica. Highly recommended – I plan on watching the movie when I get a chance.

Hope everyone has some peace in their lives today, and not too much pain. For what it’s worth all is well with me (and Lewis – extremely grateful to M and my other friends who watched over him).

Peace and love to all,

James xxxxx.

New Spiritualized

12 Jun